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Dan Hill

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Hill Wealth Strategies


Wealth Accumulation

Depending upon where you are in your financial lifespan, it may be appropriate for you to have a certain portion of your assets at risk...

Wealth Preservation

Everyone remembers the market crash in 2008. It destroyed savings and investments for families...

Retirement Planning

You’ve worked hard for the past few decades, been disciplined in saving what you could, and went through the ups and...

Social Security Optimization

In general, waiting to claim your Social Security benefits as long as possible can increase your total payout, thus maximizing...

Income Planning

With modern medicine constantly improving our overall health through the power of technology, people are living longer than ever...


Rising taxes can cause anyone who is approaching retirement age to panic. Planning ahead of time for annual tax time can save you money...

Tax Minimization Strategies

Our experts can help minimize your tax bill through a number of different ways. Strategies such as Income Deferral, Income Splitting, Income Spreading...


Annuities are arguably the most common, most utilized, yet most misunderstood financial products available to consumers today. In fact, most investors have no...

Clarity of retirement.

Clarity of mind.

Providing local families and businesses with innovative financial strategies, solutions and planning that will lead to financial clarity and security.